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Cognition Controls is built on the belief that data and deeper understanding will drive better decision making in the built environment.

Buildings under 50,000 SF represent more than 90% of the building stock in North America. They are where most of us go to work, to build, to create, to eat and to shop.

These buildings and businesses are the backbone of our economy, but despite their importance, they are overlooked when it comes to tools and technology for HVAC management and energy savings.

The Cognition team is a unique combination of experiences - hardcore engineering, consumer electronics and HVAC controls. We’re excited by approachable, practical solutions because they have the broadest business and sustainability impacts.

We developed Cognition Controls to bring the right data, insights, and tools to the spaces where most of us spend our days, because comfort, energy savings and operational efficiency are critical to every business, including those outside large metropolitan areas.

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