The Cognition

Pair the intelligence from Building Automation Systems with the convenience and ease of consumer technology, and make it Main Street affordable.


Data and Insights For Consistent Savings

Save 15-40% on HVAC Energy Use

Achieve consistent savings with data visualizations to inform user decisions, tools for user action, and intelligent automatic adjustments by Cognition.

Reduce Equipment Wear and Tear

Cognition analyzes HVAC equipment performance and alerts users of issues and maintenance needs to avoid emergencies and reduce wear and tear.

Over-the-air software updates

Cognition’s cloud-based software gets better with time and data, and your walls are automatically updated with the latest intelligence through over-the-air updates.


Effective Control From Anywhere, Anytime

Integrated Information Management

Notes, pictures, and historic and real-time data for remote troubleshooting and information continuity.

Reliable, secure cellular connectivity

Works out of the box for consistent connectivity and avoids networking issues and let-downs. Back-up wifi option available.

Thoughtful defaults and automatic actions

From configuration and set to everyday use, Cognition makes smart decisions so you don’t have to.


Low Effort, High Value - Everyday

Configure from your smartphone

Install at the wall quickly and configure with the Cognition Cloud in a few simple steps.

Flexible permissions and guardrails

Your business and building is unique. Customize user permissions and guardrails, no lock boxes required.

Everything else you’d expect

From responsive support to advanced wireless sensors, and much more, Cognition has you covered.

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